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Free Lamborghini Diablo: With 8-Bedroom Spanish Property For Sale

“Eight-Bedroom Spanish Villa Comes Onto Market At £1.99m – With Lamborghini Diablo Thrown In For Free”

8 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Investment Property For Sale In Spain With Free Lamborghini Diablo to sweeten the deal
8 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Property Investment For Sale In Spain With Free Lamborghini Diablo to sweeten the deal

An incredible investment opportunity has exploded onto Spain’s property market in the form of an A-List villa on the Costa del Sol – with a luxury high-speed bonus parked in the driveway. A stunning fully furnished eight-bedroom, four-bathroom Spanish villa for sale, situated in a prime position in one of Spain’s most picturesque locations, has become available to buy for a cool £1.99m, and the lucky investor that lands the property will also get to cruise the Spanish coastline in a Lamborghini Diablo – thrown in for free to sweeten the deal.

What is even more incredible is that the current owners are prepared to accept a UK property in part exchange for some of the asking price of this sublime villa, so there is no need for the new buyer to waste time and expense in finding a purchaser for their home when this extraordinary offer exists.

The villa is situated in a highly sought-after position close to the towns of Malaga and Marbella, but set back enough from the bustling resorts to offer the residents real peace and tranquillity – panoramic mountain views come as standard. With beaches, airports, golf courses, bustling resorts and quaint traditional towns all within driving distance, if this villa had a name, it would be ‘Puro Lujo’ – or ‘pure luxury’, for those who are yet to brush up on their Spanish.

The property was built back in 2005, and no expense was spared when it came to interior fittings and fixtures. The interior of the villa has been designed and furnished with pure decadence in mind. The open-plan living space leads into a fully-fitted modern kitchen with all of the modern conveniences that would be expected of such a lavish property. There are two ground floor bedrooms with a separate, fully-fitted bathroom, and going up the sublime staircase to the first floor yields three more private bedrooms, with access to a family bathroom that includes a Jacuzzi bath. There is also an attached 3 bedroom, 2-bathroom luxury apartment that can be used for extended families, servants or rental use.

Spanish property for sale, Property for sale in Spain
Property for sale in Spain, with opulent interior

The property for sale in Spain boasts, air conditioning, solar water heating, solar pool heating, heat pump for heating the pool in the cooler months, central heating and underfloor heating amongst many other features.

If possible, the exterior is even more opulent – landscaped gardens give way to a fully tiled and heated pool, with a beautiful slide and its very own diving board. A pergola with a thatched roof helps to keep residents cool during the sizzling hot Spanish summers, and a custom-made barbecue in the terrace area makes the outdoor area perfect for entertaining guests in the evenings.

The property is very secure and comes with a gated entrance and perimeter walls reducing security concerns to a minimum. There is also a base ready for a tennis court, a fully-automated sprinkler system, the property’s own bore hole water well with an unlimited supply of free water, and three large areas of beautifully manicured lawns – perfect for those lazy mornings at this villa paradise.

The possibilities for this Spanish investment property are endless – the size and the splendour of the villa make it a perfect holiday home for a whole family, but there are also a multitude of investment opportunities that eager developers would be mad to miss. The property could be transformed into a boutique hotel for the many tourists who flock to the area, or a high-end retirement village for the thousands of British ex-patriates who choose the south of Spain when their working days are done. The sublime surroundings of the villa would make it a perfect premium wedding venue, or even a luxury spa.

Investment property for sale in Spain, Spanish investment property for sale
Property for sale in Spain with luxury fitted kitchen and underfloor heating


Due to the ill health of close family, the current owners who are reluctant to sell their much loved Spanish property say, “This is an incredible opportunity for someone to invest in one of the most spectacular properties in the region or to run their own very lucrative holiday rental or B&B business. Whether they use it as a holiday home for themselves and their loved ones, or as a vessel for their own thriving business ideas, this villa will be a worthwhile investment for whoever comes into it next.”

They add, “We’ve also thrown in a fantastic Lamborghini Diablo to sweeten the deal – it currently sits proudly on the driveway and would love a new owner to take it zipping along the picturesque coastal roads in the region. We understand how competitive the market is right now and the much sought-after sports car is our way of welcoming the new owner to what will likely be the best investment of their lives.”

With almost a whole acre of land, the luxury villa for sale in Spain comes with real scope for future expansion and development, with plenty of space for further bedrooms to be added onto the property.

The property is one which must be seen to be believed – and viewings are already being booked at lightning speed. Eager investors hoping to secure themselves a slice of Spanish heaven are being urged to move fast – this villa will fly off the market almost as fast as the free Lamborghini!

For more information about the Spanish villa for sale, visit the website: http://www.villaforsale-spain.com/ and the blog posts on: http://blog.villaforsale-spain.com/

Take a virtual tour of the property here: http://youtu.be/XEZE6Ybb4N4


To arrange a viewing or to request further details:

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Investment Property for sale in Costa del Sol, Spain

“Property investment for sale in Spain”

A property in the rich countryside of Spain has become available for purchase recently. This Spanish property investment is sure to be one that enhances an investor’s portfolio as well as expands one’s wallet. Unique to a property for sale in Spain, are several aspects which are desirable for any investor seeking a property. This investment property in Spain, is being offered with a “FREE” Lamborghini Diablo to sweeten the deal.

8 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Investment Property For Sale In Spain With Free Lamborghini Diablo to sweeten the deal
8 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Property Investment For Sale In Spain With Free Lamborghini Diablo to sweeten the deal


What assets does the property offer to an investor?

1.  Diversification of possible clientele

Where there are some places that claim to have it all, this investment property in Spain really offers such. The 8 bedroom/ 4 bathroom layout can be used for a large family audience, for multiple families, or for a family and friend clientele. The property for sale in Spain rests on a large lot of nearly 1 acre.

Due to the scenic views, those persons visiting Spain will find that this house is a perfect home. An investor would do well to see the potential for this property to be used as a holiday home for those vacationing in Spain.

Adding to the luxury and holiday feel of this Investment property in Spain, are the two golf courses which are within minutes of the property. On this property you will also find the base to a tennis court. Such is not typical of a house for sale in Spain. Should you want to venture into the holiday clientele use, note that a pool is one of the key landscaping features offered with the property.


Property Investment In Spain, Investment Property In Spain With Heated Pool
Property Investment In Spain, Investment Property In Spain With Heated Pool


2.  Multiple Garage and Housing offers multiple tenant/ renter possibilities

This investment property in Spain has a layout which is ideal for anyone that is seeking to lease the house to tenants or to rent the house for sale in Spain to multiple parties. The grounds are equipped with a parking area large enough to accommodate 50 cars. Logically speaking, if an investor were to have two bedroom accommodations than that would mean that each person could have at minimum 10 cars a piece. Because of the richness of the area, this property is sure to draw tenants and renters of a higher caliber than that of areas which do not offer the luxury and comfort that this house for sale in Spain offers.

Property Investment. Investment Property In Spain With Parking For Over 50 Cars
Property Investment. Investment Property In Spain With Parking For Over 50 Cars


3.  Little to No initial Renovations required

When looking for property investment in Spain, an investor will find that they are not going to find a property that boasts of 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, an in ground pool, a tennis court pad, a separate garage, as well as an ideal location and views for the realistic asking price of £1.99 million without having to do major renovations. Such is not the case with this property for sale in Spain. The house is ready for you to invest in and then to lease or rent out for your own profitable advancement.

Specifically, what does this investment property have to offer?

This investment property in Spain offers a 3 floor layout. The 8 bedrooms/4 bathrooms are heated and air-conditioned. The property also has Solar heating, Central Heating, Underfloor heating, and a 122 meter water well.

Security wise, the property for sale in Spain is well equipped to keep an investor’s peace of mind. The investment property is encompassed by a perimeter wall, but not so much as to take away from the panoramic mountain views which the property has to offer. Also accompanying the security of the perimeter walls is an electronic gated entrance.

Property Investment, Investment Property In Spain with Secure Gated Entrance
Property Investment, Investment Property In Spain with Secure Gated Entrance &  perimeter  Wall


When looking at the space which is available on this property for sale in Spain, an investor will see that the 3 story house has 4,090 sq ft. But, this is not the best attribute of the property. How can this get any better? Well, this Spanish investment property comes fully furnished and ready for use. That is correct; the rooms are ready for you to just take over management. There are even televisions and entertainment devices in place to offer to those which would use the house.

Fully Furnished Investment Property For Sale In Spain
Tastefully Decorated, Fully Furnished Investment Property For Sale In Spain


A bonus building

Whether you are looking for an investment property in Spain in which to manage on location, or if you are looking to have the property managed by another individual upon your investment in this house for sale in Spain, you will find that the Separate Apartment offers the investor the accommodations needed to be housed in comfort.

The apartment consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The spacious 1,076 square foot layout offers a walk-in shower as well as a Jacuzzi bath. There is also an additional 258 sq. foot covered terrace. Combined, these features make the apartment anything but your typical apartment building.

Investment Property For Sale In Spain, Property Investment For Sale In Spain
Investment Property For Sale In Spain With Self Contained 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Luxury Apartment with underfloor heating


So if you are looking for a great investment opportunity, you are encouraged to consider this house for sale in Spain. If you have any inquires or would like to schedule a viewing on this investment property please contact us on:

Property Investment in Spain, Investment Property For Sale In Spain, Contact Details
Property Investment in Spain, Investment Property For Sale In Spain, Contact Details

5 Reasons to Buy Property for Sale in Spain

“Reasons to Buy House for Sale in Spain”

If you’ve recently looked into Spanish property for sale, or have been considering moving abroad for sometime, then you may already have a list of reasons why emigrating is right for you. It could be that you love the Spanish food, the people, or maybe because you see it as a solid investment. We’ve put together the top 5 reasons to buy property for sale in Spain, to help make that decision even easier.


1. The Culture

If you have ever visited Spain, then you will know exactly what we mean by the ‘culture’. It seems as though Spanish people have a completely different way of life, compared to those living in other parts of the World. Spanish culture is very relaxed, but with a ‘go get it’ attitude which ensures that everyone does well. There are a lot of people who have moved to Spain, just for this perfect balance of work and play ethics. There’s no shortage of things to do, places to visit and people to see when in Spain. So, you can relax by the pool for weeks on end or get out there and socialize; the choice is yours.

Luxury Property For Sale In Spain
Luxury Property For Sale In Spain


2. The Weather 

Of course, the weather is a huge selling point for those looking at Spanish property for sale. If you live in the UK, then you’ll know that the weather isn’t exactly the best, even during the Summer. In Spain, however, expect scorching sunshine and cloudless skies for most of the year. Even when it rains, it feels warm, not like the grey and dismal, dark days that make up the British autumn and winter times.


3. The Prices

Those who want to buy property for sale in Spain may already be aware at the drastic differences in price, between a Spanish and British property. In fact, there’s a huge difference in price between Spanish properties and much of the Western World. You could buy a luxury Spanish villa for the same price as a 4 bed in Surrey. Prices like this attract people from all over the world; who are looking for luxury at a fraction of the price than their home country.

Property For Sale In Spain
Spanish Property For Sale In Spain


4. The Lifestyle

Villas in Spain enable a luxury that you are unlikely to get anywhere else. All of the added extras, that you would pay an extortionate premium for elsewhere, come as standard in Spanish property for sale. Heated pools, landscaped gardens, ample living space and modern amenities are the type of thing you should expect from luxury villas in Spain. Imagine a lifestyle where you can wake up every morning, eat breakfast in your landscaped garden and then take a dip in your heated pool.


5. The Investment

The final reason to buy property for sale in Spain is as an investment opportunity. Even if you are considering relocating to the Mediterranean for quite some time, it is always important to consider what will happen to your Spanish villa when you no longer need it. Housing experts are adamant that now is the right time to invest in Spanish property for sale, before the prices start rocketing back up.

So, if you’re looking to live somewhere with beautiful weather and stunning culture, at a price that makes other European properties look shameful, then you should buy a property for sale in Spain. Plus, once you have fully enjoyed the luxury lifestyle, the property then becomes a solid investment that you can make a profit from.


Investment Property

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